Our Window On The 1940s

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Clearview have fitted secondary glazing at the Norfolk Park home of Melanie and Glenn Sanderson – where each room has a distinctly Forties feel. Melanie Sanderson and her husband Glenn like the 1940s look so much that the décor of their semi-detached home in Norfolk Park reflects the styles of that period – though the couple didn’t much like those authentic … Read More

Everything you want to know about secondary glazing

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Clearview Secondary Glazing Frequently Asked Questions

When making any significant purchase it is important that you have all the answers you need to make an informed decision. It is no different when it comes to investing in secondary glazing and you should always feel confident that the price, performance and practicality are right for your needs. Take a look at some of the most common questions … Read More

Clearview customers talk – Acoustic insulation

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Clearview Secondary Glazing Noise Reduction Reviews

When it comes to acoustic insulation secondary glazing is one of the most effective solutions available. In fact it is so effective that, with the right system and glass specification, noised entering the a property can be reduced by an impressive 75%. At Clearview we are proud to offer high performance secondary glazing systems to our customers and are always … Read More

Working In Silence

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Working in Silence Secondary glazing

Traffic noise in Dore was disturbing a lady who works from home doing research. Clearview installed secondary glazing to solve the problem…   Clearview’s secondary glazing keeps draughts out, and heat in. It will also dramatically reduce road noise affecting your home, as a lady in Dore has found. She lives in a bungalow, and on a few days each week works in her study … Read More

Take a look at some stunning examples of period windows with Clearview Secondary Glazing

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cv-horizontal-leaded-discreet-thermal copy 3

There is a common misconception that ‘secondary glazing is ugly’ and that if you have it fitted in your home it will make your windows unsightly and ruin their period charm. We speak to many people who, before installing secondary glazing, are concerned that it is ugly and obtrusive. They believe that, once it is installed all they will notice … Read More